A Complete Guide To “On Page SEO”

Guide To On Page SEO

The factors that affect the search engine rankings of a page are termed as it's on page factors. “On Page SEO” is the anatomy of a perfectly optimized page. It involves making use of Meta tags and the right keywords in proper density. Using some practical strategies on your website can bring in more … [Read more...]

Why Is SEO necessary For Any Company?

SEO Necessary For Company

Search engine optimization is prevalent since several decades. But, it is of utmost importance today due to various factors. Irrespective of the nature of business, every company needs to market itself as a trustworthy and reliable brand. Unless there is a good amount of goodwill, a brand may find … [Read more...]

How to Build Brand Advocates via Social Media

brand advocate

In this article, I would like to discuss with you about what steps you should take in order to build brand advocates. But before that, I would like to let you know what is brand advocate, why it is important to have them and how social media plays a crucial role in building brand advocates. What Is … [Read more...]

How to Improve e-Commerce Website Search Engine Rankings


Websites having low search rankings in search results never get high traffic and sales. To improve the search engine rankings, you must optimize the SEO of your website. There is a common misconception that e-commerce sites are hard to optimize for search engines. But it is not true; e-commerce … [Read more...]

How to Change Your Website’s Host Without Affecting Your Rankings?

Change Your Website's Host without Affecting Your Rankings

Changing your web host is something you may have to consider at any point of time. As already discussed in some of the articles, web hosting and physical location of servers can affect the SEO rankings of the site. Though transferring to new web host isn't really dangerous like changing the domain … [Read more...]