How To Get Traffic From Google After Penguin Update

How To Get Traffic From Google After The Penguin Update

"Should You Depend On Google for Traffic after Penguin Update?" If that question has to be answered in terms of yes or no then the unequivocal reply would be a resounding yes. Google can still gain you a handsome amount of traffic and remains the biggest source of such traffic owing to its wide user ... [Continue Reading]

PPC Campaign

Why Is PPC Campaign Used By Business Marketers?

Pay per click (PPC) is a very prominent way to market your product. According to statistics, more than 75% of the traffic is from search engine optimization but only 25% of the traffic is from the PPC campaign. Some may think it is not worth spending money for the PPC campaign when it yields very ... [Continue Reading]

Noob Guide To Internet Marketing

Noob Guide To Online Marketing (Infographic)

The world is driven by two major elements, technology and internet! Internet has become everything. Having a strong web presence influences the success of the businesses and for that online marketing is a necessity. In a broader sense, online marketing techniques are divided into the following ... [Continue Reading]

web design trends

Top 10 Web Design Trends For 2014

Web Design is one of the significant aspects of any business or individuals who want to build up their online presence. Like other things, the web design trends are also change from year to year. In order to keep up with today's requirements, one must understand the current demands of the web ... [Continue Reading]

brand advocate

How To Build Brand Advocates Via Social Media

In this page, I would like to discuss with you about what steps you should take in order to build a brand advocates. But before that I would like to let you know about what is brand advocate, why it is important and how social media plays a crucial role to build the brand advocates. What is Brand ... [Continue Reading]


How To Improve e-Commerce Website Search Engine Rankings

Websites having low search rankings in search results never get high traffic and sales. To improve the search engine rankings, you must optimize the SEO in your website. There is a common misconception that e-commerce sites are hard to optimize for the search engines. But it is not true; the ... [Continue Reading]

Change Your Website's Host without Affecting Your Rankings

How To Change Your Website’s Host without Affecting Your Rankings?

Changing web host companies is one thing that most web masters are to consider anytime. Nonetheless, as what was discussed in some articles, web hosting and physical location of servers can affect SEO rankings of the site. Thus, even if transferring to new web host isn’t really dangerous as changing ... [Continue Reading]


10 Free Social Media Monitoring Tools

Social media monitoring is analyzing the datas about your company in various social media platforms, which means what the customers are saying about your company, identifying influencers, competitive analysis etc. Monitoring your social media accounts help you to identify quality control or ... [Continue Reading]

smm plan

9 Questions To Ask While Creating A Social Media Marketing Plan For Your Business

Creating a goal-oriented social-media strategy is important to promote your business. But with dozens of social networks, it is difficult to imagine a manageable strategy that covers all the bases. So, it is important to develop a strategic social media marketing plan to stay on-task and ... [Continue Reading]


The Marketing Power Of Meme In Social Media

What is meme? It is a cultural symbol or social idea that is compelling and shared. It can be something as simple as an intentional misspelling, a hashtag, a picture, a symbol or a link to a video. Nowadays, more and more companies and brands are benefited by using meme; they create a buzz ... [Continue Reading]