About Kudometrics

Kudo Metrics called by others as the best web design company India, is established with the aim to provide best possible internet marketing solutions to the clients all over the world. We are pledged to provide dedicated workforce to the clients round the clock. How so ever small your dream may be, we assure you to make it big. Right now we have our work base at Salem, India, but we are looking forward to expand our base with the support of our highly esteemed clients.

The Mission


Kudo Metrics is very clear and strong in its mission. Our mission is to provide the result oriented web-based marketing solutions to the customers. Our mission translates into the increased benefits to the customer.

Complete visibility, transparency and web presence is the guaranteed result of being a customer of Kudo Metrics. Each and every package of our company spells creativity and maximum profit. Customer retention is the sole aim of our company which is easily explained by the repeat orders we get from our customers.

The Vision


The Vision of our company is to be the best web design company and internet marketing solution provider. We look forward to meet this vision by having a well-structured and creative team of experts that provide the one-stop solution to all your internet marketing needs.

Innovative methods and use of SEO techniques are adopted to give new dimension to fulfilling the internet marketing requirements of the customer. Constant improvement in service with the help of brainstorming at regular intervals keep us updated. Growth and development is our keyword to achieve the vision.

Core Values

Core Values

Perfection, friendliness, coordinated team work and dedication towards customer satisfaction are our core values. We deliver what we promise that too in a measurable fashion. We work with each other and not against each other towards customer delight. All our team members are supposed with people with their own thoughts and ideas. All the ideas are listened and discussed with great interest to land on the best strategy for maximizing customer profit through internet marketing.

We don't expect our team members to act like robots and take great care to help them strike perfect balance among all spheres of life. This is translated into marketing solutions having personal touch as per the need of the customer. The goal of our company has a lot to do with the growth of the individuals devoting their valuable time towards the customer service.

Our Expertise

Our Expertise

We have a creative bend towards consumer behavior. We design what your customers are looking for when they search for you over the internet. Brand integration and understanding of image building in the minds of consumers not only promotes our customers aptly but also provide them a profit making platform through our internet marketing solutions.

We redefine your link with your customers and ensure a long lasting relationship between the two of you. We provide a large scope to spread the word about you in a positive fashion among relevant circles. Adopting the best methods of internet marketing keep you well placed among your customers.

Our Beneficiaries

Our Beneficiaries

Our clients range from restaurant chains to wellness centres, from electronics to finance and so on. Healthcare, consumer electronics, education, security services and even military and government initiatives have seen the day of light due to our expertise. Medium to large sized businesses have done exceptionally good with the support provided by us in the shape of search engine optimization and PPC.

Our clients are making the best mark in their respective industries. Our companies are best known for their innovative approach and their efforts are well communicated through our unique campaigns.

What Keeps Us Going?

Our ability to mingle fun with the work helps us keep afresh and brimming with new ideas. Our repertoire of various activities like philanthropy, sports, website development , reading, mixed martial arts and running keep us fit and happy throughout the year. Our stress-busting activities help us come out of the stress graciously and we can take up as many challenges as we can.

Our Team

Sathishkumar Varatharajan

Sathishkumar Varatharajan – CEO

Sathishkumar Varatharajan has extensive experience in the field of Online Marketing. He launched this company in an effort to help the businesses to achieve their goals in a cost effective way. He also owns a large number of successful online businesses in various industries. As the Chief Executive Officer of this company, it is his duty to create and maintain all the online marketing strategies for the clients.

Sathishkumar holds a Mechanical Engineering Degree from the Anna University.

Gayathri Soundarajan

Gayathri Soundarajan - Sales and Social Media Marketing Manager

Gayathri Soundarajan is an Electrical and Electronics Engineering graduate from Anna University, Coimbatore. She is a Sales and Social Media Marketing Manager of 'Kudometrics Technologies Pvt. Ltd' and a valuable source of inspiration who keeps the entire team organized, motivated and highly productive.

Gayathri's areas of activity is Social Media Marketing and taking care of all the Sales, Project Management, SEO and Social Media activities of Kudometrics. Also she focuses on evaluating company’s internet marketing objectives and developing a comprehensive strategy to maximize the results. Her passion is to learn new trends in Digital marketing and helps the clients with her new and innovative Social Media Marketing Strategies.

Vishnu Sundaram

Vishnu Sundaram - SEO Team Leader

Vishnu Sundaram holds Master's Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Anna University, Chennai. He is a SEO Team Leader at Kudometrics Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and leads the team of SEO analyst and executive. He is a part of sales and project management and he specializes in finding innovative and custom solutions for the SEO success of clients.

As being a technical SEO Analyst, Vishnu is able to look beyond the digital marketing's perspective of keywords and rankings, and really dig deep into it to drive success. Also he helps the clients to achieve their requirements in a shorter span of time with his new and proven techniques.

Kannan Velayudham

Kannan Velayudham - Senior Web Developer

Kannan completed his Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from Periyar University, Salem. He is a passionate and Senior Web Developer of Kudometrics Technologies Pvt. Ltd. He strives to turn the customer needs into a great success with his innovative and creative web designs.

Kannan know how to find creative and efficient solutions to problems and he is a one-stop solution for all technical needs. He loves win/win situations, and is dedicated to client’s best interests.

Kaviyarasan Muthu

Kaviyarasan Muthu - Senior SEO Executive

Kaviyarasan holds a Master's Degree in Computer Application from Periyar University, Salem. He is a Senior SEO Executive at Kudometrics Technologies Pvt. Ltd. He is a reliable team worker and he attracts new clients with his new approach to work.

Kaviyarasan is highly passionate in advanced SEO and he focuses on both short and long term needs of each individual client to drive results. He is a great Technical Supporter who handles every customer interaction in a professional manner.

Arulmozhi Ramalingam

Arulmozhi Ramalingam - SEO Analyst

Arulmozhi holds Master's Degree in Computer Application from Bharathidasan University, Trichy. She is an SEO Analyst at Kudometrics Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and she is an active and smart worker who finishes her work in a given time.

She has a passion for delivering high-quality content and SEO support that exceeds the clients’ needs. She loves being a part of the SEO team, and continually learning about SEO's ever-changing landscape.


Madheswaran - Content Manager

Madheswaran holds Electrical and Communications Engineering Degree from Mahendra Engineering College. He is the content writer at Kudometrics Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and he handles all the blog management activities for the client's websites.

He helps the clients by following up with a variety of content management strategies to maximize their online presence and drive more traffic to their blogs.

Nirmal Kumar

Nirmal Kumar - SEO Associate

Nirmal Kumar is a Computer Science Engineering Graduate from Anna University, Chennai. He is the SEO Analyst at Kudometrics Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and he is supporting all the SEO management activities.

He co-ordinates the team and offers support to the entire team however he can. He continues to learn new technicalities and strategies to boost the visibility of our client's website within a given time.


Karthik - Senior Web Developer

Karthick holds Electrical and Communications Engineering Degree from Anna University, Chennai. He is a passionate, highly technical and Senior Web Developer at Kudometrics Technologies Pvt. Ltd. He is a technical Debugger and a code fanatic.

Karthick's passion for always staying current with the latest web development trends has made him an expert in web architecture and development. He has helped companies big and small, produce effective web designs and tools, that add intrinsic and monetary value.