blogger to wordpress migration service
Blogger to Wordpress Migration Services
A website is a very important virtual tool that can perfectly reflect the image of a brand while capturing new business relationships.

Blogger To WordPress Migration Services

So, you've been on Blogger for a long time and now that you have some idea about the blogging world, you are thinking of shifting to WordPress, right? If you are planning to move over your blog from Blogger to WordPress, but are worried about how to go about it, worry no more. We have helped a number of clients migrate to WordPress and can help you too with the experience we have gained all through these years.

Why Migrate To WordPress?

When you move over to self hosted WordPress, you become the owner of your website in the real sense. Apart from getting complete control over the design, you can move to any web host of your choice, whenever you want to. WordPress also has many advance functionalities that you don't get in Blogger, and it is far more optimized to give you better searching engine rankings. This obviously means more traffic and revenue from your website. Also there is no restriction on the monetization method you want to use on the site. It's your site, you can monetize it the way you wish.

Why Select Us Over Others?

This is one common question that everybody has in mind while they are about to select a service, and it is our duty to explain why we are different from others. In order to make your move smooth and hassle free, we ensure that all important aspects of migration are taken care of, so that the search engine rankings of your blog do not get a beating. And you do not have to waste time running after someone to fix things for you or bang your head trying to do it yourself. Instead, we let you do what you do best, that is blogging; and we take care of the rest. All this at a very affordable, down to earth pricing!

Packages On Offer

There are 2 types of packages you can go for: Basic and Advanced.

Basic Package

Basic package covers all the essential elements of migration. It includes:

  • WordPress installation
  • Transfer of images, comments and posts
  • Pointing of domain to the new web host
  • Redirecting broken links
  • Redirecting the old Blogger site link to the new WordPress site
  • Sidebar content transfer
  • RSS Feed redirection to ensure you don't lose out on your readers
Advanced Package

This package gets you everything that comes under the basic package plus many more features, so you don't have to worry about anything, including design, looks and advanced functionalities.

  • Current design can be transferred
  • Plugins to boost the speed of your site
  • Permalink structure can be styled to get beautiful links as well as SEO boost
  • Items and pages transferred in the sidebar
  • Installing of Google Analytics code
  • Installing of other third party ads
  • Hosting configuration
  • Customized URL redirection
  • Importing of pages
  • Setting up navigation using WordPress Menu
  • Redirecting of Blogger traffic to WordPress
  • Premium WordPress Theme
  • Importing of existing video from Blogger site
blogger to wordpress migration

Choose Your Migration Expert With Care

Blogger is said to have a faster web server with zero downtime and you will be used to it. So, when shifting to WordPress, you will be expecting even better performance. But if you choose the wrong plugins and settings, you may be disappointed big time. So, optimizing the performance of your site with the right theme, plugins and settings becomes vital. This makes it important to choose an experienced hand to carry out the migration for your site.

Moving from one platform to another, no doubt, is a daunting task. But when you have the right expert by your side, there is no need to worry at all.

Let us help you with the migration. Just contact us with your requirement and we will get back.