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Forum Installation Services (phpBB, MyBB, Simple Machines Forum, etc.)

website forum installation services

As more number of businesses are trying to form a community of their customers, online forums are increasingly being used to promote discussion among their community members. Forums are also used as an additional channel to offer support services. There are various applications used to install forum on your website and some of the popular ones include phpBB, MyBB, vBulletin and Simple Machines Forum (SMF). No matter whichever application you choose to power your forum, we will ensure that your forum runs smoothly in sync with your website without any glitch.

What Can Forums Do For Your Business?

One of the major advantages of forums is that they bring content to your website without you having to do anything for it. Thus, even while you are sleeping, your forum members from around the globe continue creating new threads and posts, turning your forum into a valuable pool of information. Some of the tangible benefits of having a forum for your business include the following:

  • Your website starts getting more visitors that regularly browse through your posts and website.
  • You will build a community of members focused around your business.
  • As the membership of your forum increases, your posts will be shared among a larger number of audience, giving you an edge in social media and SEO.
  • It becomes easier to sell your product, introduce a new product, ask to sign up for newsletter, etc. to your forum members.
  • You stand to benefit from the knowledge and experience of your forum members.
  • Customers can get help from one another, without costing you anything on customer support.
  • You stand to get feedback from your existing and prospective customers.
  • You can get free help to specific problems.
  • Forum gives a voice to your business.
  • As people begin to recognize your product, you are building a brand in the process.

Forum Installation Services From Kudo Metrics

We have years of experience in installing forums for different purposes like discussion, support, gaming, and more. If you are looking to integrate a forum into your existing website, we can also customize the forum to go with your main website. Our forum installation services include:

  • Installing a fully functional forum, either on a new or an existing website
  • Adding all the necessary features and functionalities that you need
  • Integrating your business logos, icons and related graphics
  • Designing a custom template to make your forum look unique

What Forum Software Do We Use?

We have worked with almost all of the popular forum applications. We can either install your preferred application or recommend one that best meets your needs. Here are some to name a few:

  • phpBB
  • MyBB
  • Simple Machines Forum (SMF)
  • vBulletin
  • Invision Power Board
  • bbPress
  • Vanilla

Other Forum Related Services

Apart from forum installation, we also offer other services related to online forums:

  • Integrating advanced functionalities like improved Captcha, live chat system, multi-language support, etc.
  • Database conversion from old versions to new ones
  • Troubleshooting in existing forums
  • Forum maintenance services
  • Hosting migration for forums
  • Forum tutoring and coaching

We will discuss with you to assess your requirements and set up a custom forum within your budget.

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