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Internet Marketing For Ecommerce Websites
A website is a very important virtual tool that can perfectly reflect the image of a brand while capturing new business relationships.

eCommerce SEO Services India

Enabling Internet Marketing in E-commerce Websites

Kudo Metrics is a comprehensive service enabled firm devoted to internet marketing services. The services offered by the company include SEO, Conversion Optimization, and PPC for companies that are e-commerce based.

If you are into e-commerce, you should have realized by now that competition is stiff online. Keeping up with the competition and outsmarting, it needs high degree of visibility for the entire product category you possess. But just by increasing the visibility alone, you cannot reap profits. Converting the traffic inflow into sales needs further efforts. Kudo Metrics can help you in this effort.

Internet Marketing For E-commerce Websites

Our Method of Functioning

With the vast experience in online marketing, we provide services that start from the planning stage till the completion of the service including consulting and guidance for your own employees. Several of our e-commerce customers have had prior experience with PPC or SEO campaigns, either via other service companies or by doing on their own. But they were not satisfied with the end results and were on the lookout for more advanced and comprehensive solution for their campaign.

Our Method of Functioning

The first thing we do when an e-commerce website approaches us is conducting an audit of the previous campaigns and those that are active now. This gives an idea on detecting newer and better opportunities. The audit covers the following features:

  • Research of the industry concerned and the competition it faces,
  • Reviewing the analytics concerned and the PPC Campaign,
  • Researching the viability of SEO for the site,
  • Studying the conversion and usability optimization.

Marketing Plans for SEO and PPC

The main goal we target at is increasing the revenue for our customers from the online business. The strategies we provide comprise of search engine optimization, conversion optimization, Pay Per Click maintenance, consultation related to social media, advertising with display, using re-targeting measures and enhancing the landing pages, and giving high quality web design that is suitable for e-commerce. With all the above services, we create an exclusive plan that is targeted at thus meeting the particular goals you have regarding the CPA and profits.

eCommerce Website SEO

Enhanced visibility is the main vital part of any website that intends to establish itself over the long term. Gaining natural rankings for the main product you sell and also the related categories is necessary if you want to see increased traffic and profitable conversion. This is the best online marketing method that is by far the most reliable and successful too.

The initial procedure that we undertake before we start on helping the client with the SEO and PPC campaign includes:

  • Evaluating the competition,
  • Studying the SEO campaigns that are prevalent,
  • Assessing the goals and the CPAs the client wants,
  • Giving a comprehensive solution that is backed by meticulous and thorough research.

All our e-commerce campaigns are processed by our team of highly qualified experts including SEO developers, technical managers, strategic experts, and project managers. The campaign we plan for you includes:

  • A thorough research on the keywords to be used,
  • Keyword mapping and introduction,
  • Detailed analysis of SEO and its accessory factors,
  • Analytics management,
  • Content optimization and producing exclusive SEO content,
  • Conducting tests for the conversion and usability rate,
  • Forming natural links and link reclamation.

With our guidance provided the entire way, you can reach greater heights and establish your e-commerce business successfully. Kudo Metrics is a totally quality driven firm that focuses on increasing the sales and lowering the CPAs. Join hands with us to get your business to the next level.

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