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A website is a very important virtual tool that can perfectly reflect the image of a brand while capturing new business relationships.

SEO Content Writing Services India

Your website's content is the first thing that greets a visitor. It forms the basis of all interaction between a visitor and a website. The main purpose of having a website representing your business is to garner wider recognition and increase sales through . The role of good quality content is vital as more often than not it plays the important role of making your potential customer aware of all your services and products. While an informative and pleasing website should be the first priority, writing for search engines comes a close second. SEO content writing brings organic visitors to your website.

SEO Content Writing Services India

We at Kudo Metrics, have considerable experience and expertise when it comes to SEO content writing services. Our clients can expect content from us for all mediums including webpages, press releases, articles for syndication and even blogs. Our team of content writers brings together years of writing experience and a well-versed knowledge of SEO.

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Before you start focusing on search engines, do not forget that it is people who are going to read your content first. They are your potential customers and should enjoy a certain priority level.

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The Title Tag: The importance of a good quality title tag cannot be overstated. Simply put, it is the click-able link that can be seen in a search engine results page. The freedom to edit a title tag when you update your website depends upon your website's setup and the content management system (CMS) being used. Sometimes, the title of an article, webpage or even the blog post forms the title tag. These are important points to remember when writing and updating your website's content.

Since it's located in a title bar, the space for a title tag is very less. This means that there is space for only a few words and care must be taken so as to write them in a way that compels the reader to know more of the entire content. This is true in-spite of users paying little heed to the browser's title bar. Search engines use these titles in their search results as well. Another place where this title tag finds use is in social bookmarking and networking sites especially when another website is referred between people. This is why a title tag should be well written and must encourage users to explore more after the search engine results.

The Inverted Pyramid:Browsing the internet and going through a physical magazine or book are two totally different things for a reader. While magazine or book readers have already devoted time to the activity beforehand, web readers will rather look for relevant information and that too fast. They like to digest content fast which is understandable as people have lesser time these days on their hands.

This is where the concept of an 'Inverted Pyramid' comes in. Also called BLUF, which stands for 'Bottom Line Up Front', this is a writing style that presents the reader with the inference first while rest of the details come later. This ensures that even if the reader is not able to or doesn't want to go through the complete write-up, he has atleast assimilated the crux of the content.

Headings & Subheadings:Jacob Nielsen, a respected name in web usability, has concluded over many studies that readers usually scan a page before actually reading it completely. Using appropriate headings and subheadings aids readers in this process. Well written headings and subheadings give the reader a good idea of what is about to follow should he/she chose to explore. It's a thumb rule to have them highlighted by differing fonts, font size and colors.

Bullets & Numbering:When used in a proper manner, bullets and numberings have an effect that is not very different from that of headings and subheadings. They help to consolidate the entire content into smaller meaningful points that give readers an outline of the entire page. Precise texts in numbers or bullets cause the eyes much less strain compared to a big paragraph with a lot of commas. Such points also tend to be shorter which reduces left-right eye movement.

There can also be long text bullets and numbers. In this case each item can have its own paragraph or many sentences that are placed progressively as per their importance. This is more helpful if the total amount of items is mentioned earlier in the page. For content of this nature, studies have indicated that the ideal number of items should be within 5 to 9.

Imagery & Necessary Captions:Being introduced to a large portion of text without anything else in it might put-off or even intimidate readers. This is a sure-fire way to lose readers and website visitors. A good way past this problem is to use bullets and numberings and headings and subheadings. But nothing breaks the monotony of text better than some relevant imagery. Images are a good way to sustain interest and increase the aesthetic value of a webpage. They also act as a welcome break for the eyes from extensive reading. The only thing that needs to be taken care of is to ensure the relevancy of images to the content on the webpage. Apart from obviously helping readers, it also helps search engines to understand the purpose of an image.

Top of Page & On Page Anchors:This is not exactly meant to help with copywriting. It's more concerned with the text's display, which enhances usability. It's a good practice to include an on-page anchor link that directs the reader to a page's top. This is especially relevant when you have long pages with many headings and subheadings. Apart from the scrolling up on-page anchor link, you can also create on-page anchor links that lead to each of the headings and subheadings of that page. These anchor links are better at smoothly scrolling unlike the sudden jumping that is characteristic of web browsers.

Pagination for the Text's Long Bodies:Sometimes, when the text gets too long, a few people tend to scan the entire page and usually land-up at the bottom before even completely reading the page. Some other readers tend to entirely steer clear of such long text pages fearing that reading them would take up too much time. Using pagination helps as it makes the reader believe that a shorter page is quicker to go through and by the time they finish the page, the link to the next page is before them that leads to another short page. This way, readers often completely read all the short pages that are the equivalent of one long page. But in case of a single long page, many wouldn't have even started. When pagination is used, make sure the content of one page flows into the content of the next page. An example would be to have a teaser of the content on the next page, which will help raise the click-through rates.

Information Scent & Calls to Action:Most websites contain multiple webpages. This is also an opportunity for your website to capitalize on multiple target keywords. Although, sometime it happens that the rankings that you are gaining on search results for a particular target keyword may not lead to your preferred landing pages, aka PLPs. This lack of complete control is characteristic of organic search unlike paid search, where you have complete control as to where the advert goes to. Remember this fact always when you write content for a particular page of a website. Be sure to include a few links, which help the visitor/reader to enquire/buy the said products or services, in the content. When done in a proper manner, even if the search results do not lead users/readers to your preferred landing pages for your target keywords, you still make the most of the situation by providing readers/visitors a path that helps them know more about the products or services. In SEO copywriting parlance, this is known as providing an Information Scent.

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Services in the domain of content writing for blogs as well as copywriting for landing pages is provided by Kudo Metrics. We'll device a plan to collaborate with your in-house team to formulate strategies, develop content and copywriting guides, share writing tricks and tips and distribute content through the right internet channels.

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