tumblr to wordpress migration

Tumblr To WordPress Migration Services

tumblr to wordpress migration services

Tumblr, no doubt, is an awesome blogging platform but like other free blogging services, it too has its own limitations. Users who have outgrown the functionalities offered by Tumblr usually look forward to moving over to self hosted WordPress. And ever since Tumblr was taken over by Yahoo, there has been a mass exodus from Tumblr to WordPress. We have helped a good number of bloggers move over from Tumblr to WordPress. If you too are looking to make this shift, look no further; just get in touch with us and we will guide you in the right direction.

Tumblr vs Self-hosted WordPress

Tumblr is a privately owned, hosted blogging platform that is suitable for beginners whereas WordPress is a full-fledged, open-source blogging CMS that can be used to create any type of website. A Tumblr blog on a custom domain may not look different from a self hosted WordPress blog at the first glance but if you delve litter deeper, you will find a number of differences:

  • Tumblr is more of social blogging kind of thing where you can follow other blogs and re-blog the ones that you like. This is something similar to following and re-tweeting on Twitter. Though this is good for social interaction, you get a beating in terms of SEO since re-blogging results in creating duplicate content. Whereas in WordPress, you fully own your content and prevent others from copying from your site.
  • Tumblr hosts your blog on a sub-domain. Even if you own a custom domain, it's technically a sub-domain that is redirected to your custom domain. This is nowhere near to independently hosting your site on your own domain in WordPress.
  • WordPress gives you complete control over your site and you can move it anywhere anytime. But this is not the case with Tumblr; you either stick to it or move away to some other platform.
  • WordPress offers a lot of features, options, functionalities and advantages over Tumblr. It also allows you to integrate external tools like Analytics, social media buttons, payment gateway, etc.
  • Tumblr usually is for casual kind of blogging. If you are looking for a long term blogging career or want to make money from your site, then you'd better migrate to WordPress.

Ease Of Use

WordPress not only offers advanced functionality but is also extremely easy to use. You don't need any additional knowledge to own and administer your site. If you've been using Tumblr, you'll not at all find it difficult to make use of the huge capabilities offered by WordPress. But importing your Tumblr content into a new WordPress site is not always easy. A migration gone wrong can result in loss of blog data and traffic. We take into account a lot of things while migrating your blog so that it performs better in search engines.

Tumblr To WordPress Migration Package

So, what is included in our migration package? Plainly speaking, we take care of everything to make your blog live on the new server. Here is what we cover:

  • We will find you a reliable web host to host your website.
  • We will find and set up a domain name for your website.
  • We will install WordPress, set up a nice theme to go with your blog and install all the necessary plugins.
  • We will import all of your photos, videos and other media.
  • We will redirect your old URLs to the new WordPress site so that you don't lose any traffic.
  • We will help you on how to use your new WordPress website.

Additional Services

In addition to the basic migration package, we can also help you with other upgrades depending upon your specific requirements, for example:

  • Designing a custom theme for your website
  • Improving functionality of your website
  • Designing a custom plugin or widget
  • Helping you rank for a particular keyword (SEO consultancy) And more.

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